Monday, December 15, 2014

To A New Phase of life...

Hi ppl! 
sorry for not posting much!
but here is the good news! I have officially graduated from Uni!
(although the ceremony is next week)
I have my ups and downs in uni but I'm really glad is done.
i really get to experience different things in uni..
which is a good thing!
since there is a good news obviously there is a bad news..
it means im officially unemployed T.T
haha trying to find a job seems hard..
im trying my best not to stress about it...and let fate bring me to where i should be..
and also i dreamt of lollipop again...
i dunno what trigger it i know we were holding hands in the dream but i hope it wont happen much!
haha u ppl shud know that i have things with dreams..
i have so many fascinating dreams that it is scary T.T
k this is the update so far...
tty soon...
I'll try to update more often.


Wednesday, October 22, 2014


When we were younger we always used to say, 
friendship will last even if relationship didn't last.
But now i feel that is not the case.
L.D.F = Long Distance Friendship
I thought that friendship like us will last even if we don't meet each other often...
but i think it makes sense if it changes..
we dont talk to each other much...
we have our own circle, friends and hobbies nowadays.
i really hope to talk to you but still you are always busy..
(i know i sound like i'm in a relationship but i'm not so hahhaa..i'm just talking about a friend i cherish) 
slowly i feel like our friendship has drifted apart.
now i really question does relationship really last with long distance...
i hope it does...because i really hope our closeness will last...
i think the person will know who i am talking about. 
but don't mind this...if you feel guilty just whatapp me.
i know i want our friendship to be as close as last time...


Monday, August 11, 2014

Starting a new diet to live a healthy life =)

Hi ppl!
sorry for the lack of update!
been through a lot to get to this time of the month.
parents came over to visit, then end of sem, exams, taking intensive winter class..
and finally a whole new sem, which is also my last sem in uni!!!
i'm excited but at the mean time im worry about what shud i do for my future...hmmm..
but skip that thought first..cause that is still half a year later!
so as the title says...yes i'm trying to start a diet!
is hard for me to pick up on a diet so i planned to post it here and make sure i do..
so if i post it daily...means more update!! yeah!!
so i started my rolled oats diet last week.
eating that for lunch...
not a really good way to start dieting but still worth a try..
if u only eat that for lunch u really would love to have something else after that.
i crave for choc so much..
as i love it so much...
i feel like i have withdrawal syndrome from sweets, junk, unhealthy food and choc...
but i managed to keep it in and have it for a week now...weee!!!!
having rolled oats or shall i named it the famous overnight oats...
is really healthy!
is different from my normal diet which i like noodles...which is all about carbo...
besides dieting..
i also decided to start exercise again.
start with running everyday on the trackmill...
but now im doing figurobics too..
10min of fast walking and 30 min of figurobics..
i really hope i can continue and loose some weight before summer..
wish me luck =)


Monday, April 28, 2014

Deep in thoughts under the rain

i know the title sounds so deep but this post isn't going to be deep at all.
i know that malaysia facing problems such as 
the missing plane MH 370 and also water rationing in several areas...
and now, the sad news flows in again...
Korea's ferry SEWOL has drown.
is sad to hear the news. 
and is even sadder where the weather is this cold and raining.
it feels like the sky is crying together with all the vicitm's family.
i feel so sad to hear the news..
i'm very happy that a lot of people (mostly celebrity, from the news) are donating money to this sad incident and also visiting the memorial even though they are not related to any victims.
i feel so heartbroken to hear that the captain of the ferry just jumped out of the boat without helping anyone.
he should be more responsible as a captain.
i heard because of this incident the prime minister actually resign even if is not his fault.
if South Korea Prime Minister can be so responsible why can't msia be?
i saw news that Obama was in msia.
the speech he made makes me clapping in joy.
but i doubt the govt will listens. 
i even saw minister telling people that the govt is fair to all races..
that is so no true.
if u are fair, where is all those equal rights? 
where are those equal opportunity to study in university??
i hope they could reflect on their action.
to tell u the truth msia could be a very rich country if is not for corruption.
because of this unfairness and corruption,my mom asked me not to go back and work in msia and find an opportunity outside of the country.
i hope they will realise their mistake.


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

MY first Casting Ever..

Today, i did my first ever casting...
is interesting since it was my first.
i was nervous since i had such a big role during the casting...
which is the director...
although there were only a few ppl audition..but is enough to fit the headcount for the film...
i really glad that i have a good team mates!
they did great!
and also my producer for the film, for doing such a good job for scouting all this actors..
is fun...
i really hope someday i could really direct without second thoughts...

k gtg


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Is it this hard to be nice to one another?

I always like what Ellen DeGeneres said at the end of her talk show.
"Please Be Kind to One Another."
I thought as human, yes we come from different culture, ethnic, race, countries and many more....
but we are not that different.
why can't we be kind to each other?
my cousin brother who was abused by his father..
in long term he could not take it anymore that is why he asked for help..
but i was reading this comment just now..
(since it was publish on the news)
the comment was like that "he is ur father, the one that raise you up"
after reading that comment i was angry.
i don't get why people judge so fast.
you don't even know the full truth but you already judging the small kid is blaming his father...
i really have no idea what the world has become..
humanity has gone.
where is all the kind soul?
it feels that there are lesser kind soul in the world.
I don't get is that, you are a human yourself how could you abuse too when he is your own son?
i really hope that he will be punished for his action..
i believe in karma, what comes around go around.
you punched my mom before, slapped your son, raped the maid and also mentally abusing your son.
i hope you will regret your action one day for what you have done to others!

Hope you can be kind to one another!!
let's help restore humanity!


Thursday, March 27, 2014

I've seriously had it!

i've bet that everyone in the world knows about the lost plane MH370 by now!
i was shocked and sad at the same time hearing the news..
2 days after the news came out, i found out that one of my relatives is actually in the plane..
although i haven't seen that uncle before but he is still my relative.
i'm still sad about the news =(
i was shocked to hear that.
My aunt who just lost both her father and sister a month back, 
and now she has to bear the pain of the death of her husband.
i feel so bad for her =(
yes i thought there was still hope before they announce that the plane crashed in the ocean.
the heart of everyone in the world was as one.
praying for the whole flight to be safe.
i thought humanity is still there..
but not until they announce the crashed.
i see so many celebrities and people lashing out at innocent ppl.
do we Malaysian really deserve to be treated badly just because our government and MAS airlines fault?
we are innocent.
i was ashamed to introduce myself as a Malaysian few weeks back since the accident was announced.
i don't agree with how the government and the airlines way of doing.
not trying their best to do anything.
i really prayed hard that our government will work harder to find the plane.
i still don't get why innocent people is getting scolded by China's people.
i lost my faith in humanity.
just because someone from the country did something wrong doesn't mean the WHOLE
country needs to get scolded and flooded by criticism!
i feel disapointed on how all you ppl acted towards innocent people.
we are innocent.
have you ever thought that we are bullied in our country too?
just because we are not the national race we got lost of a lot of opportunities cause they are more bias towards their own race?
think about it properly before you scold others!
i don't care whether you are a celebrity or not!
you think we don't feel pain too?
we lost our closest friend so as our family!
we are also praying hard!
but what can we do?
we don't have much freedom of speech in our country!
hope you ppl that soclded ppl without thinking will think what have you done!
you will feel guilty next time!
you haven't experienced being accused of something you didnt do before but got the blame because someone else did it,
seriously if one day you experience that feeling you will understand how we innocent ppl feel!
so long and God bless!
i will still continue to pray for the family and friends of the victims.
PS: i;m not afraid to say my thought out loud because i believe that 清者自清!